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COVID-19 updates for BC Hockey players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers in the Yukon

The following information pertains to a model that has been put into effect to prepare leagues and hockey associations to reopen. These plans are very dynamic and rely on ongoing assessment of the current COVID-19 situation within provinces and territories.

Territorial Guidelines & Restrictions

A Path Forward outlines the principles, public health criteria and indicators that will inform government decisions on readiness for the gradual lifting or re-introduction of public health measures. Because the pandemic is rapidly evolving and because so many of the actions Yukon takes will be informed by COVID-19 conditions in other provinces, territories and neighbouring jurisdictions, it is a living document. The aim is to continue preventing the introduction and spread of COVID-19 while balancing and addressing the many unintended social, economic and health consequences of existing restrictions.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of Yukon’s current COVID-19 situation and response is the key to determining when it is safe to enter a new phase, and which measures to implement within each phase. It is important to note that the road to recovery and reinvigorating society and the economy may not be a one-way street; movement through and between each phase will be informed by criteria that will help maintain appropriate protective measures at each step along the way. This also includes the circumstances under which some public health measures may need to be reinstated.

Information on territorial requirements continues to change. Hockey Canada recommends checking the following resources regularly.

Yukon Relaunch Information

Plan for lifting COVID-19 restrictions

Hockey-Specific Information

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