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COVID-19 updates for Hockey PEI players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers

The following information pertains to a model that has been put into effect to prepare leagues and hockey associations to reopen. These plans are very dynamic and rely on ongoing assessment of the current COVID-19 situation within provinces and territories.

Provincial Guidelines & Restrictions

A phased approach to relaxing COVID-19 public health restrictions for Prince Edward Island will require a concerted and cautious effort by all Islanders. The plan will be implemented in four distinct phases, with a gradual lifting of restrictions for individuals, communities and organizations. Progression through each phase will be gradual and constantly evaluated by the chief public health office. If there are concerns about moving into a next phase, progress will be slowed, halted or even reversed to continue to protect the health of Islanders.

Decisions during each phase will be based on evidence and continuous monitoring to ensure that: 

  • COVID-19 transmission is controlled.
  • Public Health maintains capacity for testing, rapid case follow-up and contact tracing, with sufficient supports for Islanders required to self-isolate.
  • The health system has sufficient capacity to manage and treat cases, particularly in acute care and in the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Risks of an outbreak in vulnerable population settings (for example, long-term care facilities) are minimized.
  • Preventive measures are implemented in workplaces, schools, institutions, businesses and gathering places.
  • The risk of importing COVID-19 into P.E.I. is managed.
  • Islanders are engaged and empowered with the knowledge of what needs to be done and why, and understand their key role in controlling the transmission of COVID-19.

All plans are subject to change as the situation continues to evolve. Organizations and businesses are not required to re-open at the initiation of the relevant phase and may choose to continue operating virtually or online.

Information on provincial requirements continues to change. Hockey Canada recommends checking the following resources regularly.

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