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COVID-19 updates for Hockey Manitoba players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers

The following information pertains to a model that has been put into effect to prepare leagues and hockey associations to reopen. These plans are very dynamic and rely on ongoing assessment of the current COVID-19 situation within provinces and territories.

Provincial Guidelines & Restrictions

Manitoba is now in a position to ease some restrictions and support economic recovery by taking measures to restore some services. Going forward, the government will make evidence-based decisions to ease public health measures and introduce processes and services that address the new normal.

As more information becomes available and data on the current situation in Manitoba is analyzed, some measures may need to be reintroduced or new restrictions implemented to reduce any further spread of the virus. The timing and order of any actions taken may change throughout the process, based on modelling, testing, public health surveillance and public health advice. Each phase will require a period of a minimum three to four weeks to observe the results of the previous phase and make determinations about acceptable next steps.

Information on provincial requirements continues to change. Hockey Canada recommends checking the following resources regularly.

Manitoba Relaunch Information

Restoring safe services (pdf)

Restoring safe services | Manitoba's Pandemic and Economic Roadmap for Recovery

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