Hockey Canada Foundation


The Hockey Canada Foundation provides a new source of secure, sustainable, long term funding to support the future development and delivery of Hockey Canada programs, projects, and activities.

The Foundation accepts donations for the purpose of establishing and growing a selection of endowment and general purpose Funds. Caring Canadians who want to give back to the game can now do so knowing their gift to the Foundation will have an impact for generations to come. Working with the Hockey Canada team, the Foundation puts gifts to work to help ensure Canada remains at the forefront in the development and promotion of amateur hockey.

Mission - Promote and Foster Accessibility to the game of Hockey

Priority Ranking of our Funding Cornerstones
Accessibility, Diversity, Health and Wellness

    • Recruiting new groups to the game - promoting lifelong health & wellness through sport
    • Providing greater access for all participants to benefit from hockey’s core values of respect, responsibility & fun
    • Supporting continued growth of female and sledge hockey

Skill Development

    • Developing fundamental player skills at all amateur hockey levels, including preparation for players representing Canada’s National teams
    • Providing support and resources for qualified community based coaching, officiating and leadership programs

Canada’s Hockey Heritage

    • Recognizing, preserving, and connecting Canadians to our rich hockey heritage by celebrating past accomplishments and engaging Team Canada Alumni in Hockey Canada initiatives.


Each year the Foundation provides funding for both current and next generation initiatives that…

  • Make children’s first contact with hockey a safe and positive experience.
  • Develop fundamental skills while introducing the principles of respect, fitness, and teamwork.
  • Provide qualified community-based coaching resources for all levels and streams of hockey.
  • Provide officiating to ensure fair application of the rules of the game and the safety of all participants.
  • Prepare players for higher stages of competition at the domestic and international level.
  • Support the continued growth of female hockey, the fastest growing segment of the Canadian game.
  • Educate players and parents about the core values of respect, responsibility, and pure enjoyment of our game.


Our volunteer leadership has been drawn from across Canada, reflecting both our constituency and the national reach of the Foundation. Our Board of Directors has a wealth of business experience, a deep commitment to the non-profit sector, and a singular passion for Canadian hockey.
The Foundation is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance; we are committed to honoring donor intent, employing prudent investment practices, and ensuring effective use of all funds under our care.


The fundraising strategy of the Hockey Canada Foundation is focused on seeking financial support from a cross-section of Canadians. Current fund development initiatives include:

Endowment campaign: A sustained major gift campaign aimed at growing a significant asset base that over time will generate increasing levels of income that will be used to meet the future needs of Canadian hockey.

Special events: To be held at different locations across the country to raise additional funds and increase public awareness regarding the groundbreaking the foundation are doing on behalf of Canadian hockey.

Planned giving: Promoting the tax and estate planning benefits of leaving a legacy to Canadian hockey through a bequest by will or other type of future gift.

Corporate investment, government grants, and other opportunities will be integrated into the fund development strategy where possible.



The Hockey Canada Foundation seeks to develop lasting relationships with its supporters that are built on shared values, interests, and needs.

The foundation will serve its donors by:

  • Acknowledging contributions in a timely, accurate and appropriate manner;
  • Recognizing generosity in meaningful ways, including appropriate public appreciation or anonymity if requested;
  • Reporting back in a consistent and accurate manner on the use, impact and management of their gifts.

To learn more about the Hockey Canada Foundation, or to explore the many different giving options or to make a gift to Canadian hockey:

Send an email to, or visit

Click here to go directly to the Hockey Canada Foundation web site.

Hockey Canada Foundation Registered Charity Business Number: 86549 4694 RR0001 

2017 HCF: Dreams Come True in Dawson Creek
The Hockey Canada Foundation paid a visit to northern B.C. during the 2017 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge.
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As part of the BDO Goals for Kids program, $100 will go to minor hockey associations across the country for every Team Canada goal scored at Hockey Canada-hosted international events, and $50 will be donated for every goal scored at a trio of national championships – the Esso Cup, TELUS Cup and RBC Cup.
2017 HCF: Hitting the links for hockey
Hitting the links for hockey
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