The Hockey Canada Brand

Hockey Canada Logo
CMYK - C 10 M 100 Y 100 K 10
CMYK - C 20 M 20 Y 20 K 100
PANTONE - Process Black C
RGB - R 199 G 28 B 34
RGB - R 0 G 0 B 0
HEX - #C61C22
HEX - #000000
The stroke around the leaf is the same width as the hockey stick  
Protection Space

The logo must always be protected on all sides by a negative or white space no smaller than 200% the height of the Canada word mark. This exclusion zone must be free of all non-branded graphic or copy elements, and is to be respected under all circumstances. These protection space requirements apply to all versions of the logo.
Improper Use
Do not alter the digital file in any way. Only use the versions of the logo available as digital files, as any other version is considered non-conforming.

The following are typical examples of improper use of the logo:

Do not remove puck

Do not remove trademark

Do not remove wordmark

Do not alter wordmark

Do not reverse

Do not tilt/rotate

Do not bevel/emboss

Do not add a gradient

No glows/drop shadows

Do not remove stroke

Do not alter the colour of the wordmark

No stroke around wordmark
    These two logos are for embroidery only
Hockey Canada Logo
All use of this logo needs to be approved by Hockey Canada.  
Color Reproduction
Basic colour reproduction rules:  
• The Standard version should be used for four colour process printing.
• The Standard, Pantone and Greyscale versions of the logo all have a white key-line for printing on a non-white background.
• The Pantone version should be used for spot colour printing and two colour printing.
• The Foil emboss version is the only allowable monochrome version. It should only be used for special circumstances such as varnishes and embossment.
• In applications requiring less than full, four colour reproduction, the Greyscale version is to be used.
• The Red wordmark and White wordmark are to be used for embroidering only.
Pantone Logo
Red Wordmark (This logo is for embroidery only)   
White Wordmark (This logo is for embroidery only)
RGB Logo
Red Wordmark (This logo is for embroidery only)  
White Wordmark (This logo is for embroidery only)
Foil Emboss Logo
Greyscale Logo
Logo Guidelines
Complete Hockey Canada logo guidelines - pdf