Hockey Canada Volunteer Awards

Hockey Canada Awards

Hockey Canada is well aware of the contributions made by volunteers to the game of hockey. And it is for that reason that volunteers are honoured, as Hockey Canada hands out the hardware at its awards night as part of the Annual General Meeting.

Men and women from all regions of Canada are honoured for the time they put in to helping make hockey a great experience for everyone involved.

The following are the particulars and regulations governing these awards:

  1. One nomination, in writing will be accepted from each Branch through the Secretary- Manager and approved by the Branch Executive. Such nomination will list all qualifications and background pertaining to the applicant.
  2. There is no limit as to the age of the Nominee.
  3. The Nominee must be living.
  4. The Nominee has been or is actively engaged in Amateur Hockey.
  5. The Nominee may be nominated any number of years, but can only receive the award once.
  6. Nominations must be mailed to the Vice-President, Finance and Administration of Hockey Canada by January 10th of each year.
  7. The Officers of Hockey Canada will make the selection and announce same at the Annual General Meeting of Hockey Canada.
  8. Where recipients are in attendance at the Annual General Meeting, all expenses are to be paid by Hockey Canada.
  9. "One award winner from the four Atlantic Branches. One award winner from the four Central Branches and one award winner from the four Western Branches may be selected annually".
  10. Award Winners will have their names placed on a Roll of Honour and become Members of the Hockey Canada Order of Merit.
  11. The Roll of Honour will be located in a suitable site in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  12. The above regulations to be incorporated annually
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