Canada's Minor Hockey Life Lessons
January 26, 2011

With Hockey Canada’s 2011 mail-out hitting mailboxes this week, the spotlight has been turned on the minor hockey players 10 years old and under that will be receiving the package.

With that in mind, Hockey Canada asked all of its followers on Twitter and Facebook to remember back to their minor hockey days; more specifically, the life lessons minor hockey taught them.

Here’s a few samples of the answers we received.

TWITTER – using the #minorhkylifelessons tag

@kendrick_tan – I learned nothing should keep u from what u want to do. I live in the Philippines & started playing at 27.

@beavrox – teamwork, the joy of winning and the agony of defeat...what I learned

@STMHockey – Life is about the process and not the result.

@KyCar – We gals can 'represent' ... it's the journey that matters ... and more than I can fit here. <3

@Chudrenaline – You’re never too old to start playing what you always wanted (I started playing hockey at 25 in Mexico)

@EvanWishloff – Never give up, even when everything looks like it's over and there is no chance.

@Dcam94 – I learned that nothing replaces the camaraderie.


Jen Hunt Walker – There is no I in team :)

Kelly Cromwell – That there is always someone bigger, stronger, faster, tougher ... so mind your manners while you compete ;)

Noah Brandon – Never give up, try hard and you’ll make it.

Everett Belhumeur – How to be a team and have fun and always have 2 hands on your stick.

Alex Mateu – Discipline, always give 100% in anything you do. Learn to work together as a team. As well as respect for your teammates coaches etc. Hockey covered all the areas of Life Lessons!

Adam Lindblad – Teamwork is key to any success!

Nicholas Boileau – Play hard, hit hard but respect the players, you never know, you might play with him in a couple of years.

Daniel Raven Moore – Hard work = results.

Greg Tretick – That hard work and heart doesn't always get you the spotlight but gives you a long lasting sense of accomplishment.

Duane Wilburn – Passion,discipline,teamwork,character...I can go on...its been in my blood since I was born

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