2007 National Midget Championship

St. John's Maple Leafs  0 -  Red Deer Optimist Rebels  10


The Red Deer Optimist Rebels came out flying for their second game of the 2007 TELUS Cup on Tuesday night, putting on an offensive and defensive clinic against the St. John’s Maple Leafs in a 10-0 win. The Optimist Rebels were flying from the get-go, not allowing a shot on goal until halfway through the first period.

Marc Boulanger recorded his second consecutive shutout in the Optimist Rebels goal, turning aside just 15 shots. Boulanger has had to face just 29 shots thus far at the National Midget Championship.

The Rebels spread the scoring around as six different players scored, including Elliott Marion, Kaare Odegard, Darren Windle, Kyle Reynolds and Matt Fraser, who had two goals apiece, and three-year veteran Landon Hiebert, who notched a hat-trick.

Reynolds was named Red Deer’s Player of the Game following his two goal, three assist effort.

Although Boulanger didn’t get much work he was solid when he needed to be, running his shutout streak to 120 minutes and maintaining his tournament-leading 0.00 goals against average.

Although the netminder has been stellar for the Optimist Rebels, he attributed a lot of his success to his teammates.

“We have some of the most skilled and talented guys (at the TELUS Cup) in our room.” Boulanger said, “It’s not too tough when you’re playing for such a talented team.”

Mitch Flynn was named Player of the Game for the Maple Leafs, who fell to 0-2.

They face-off with the Prince Albert Mintos on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. at the Red Deer Arena, while the Optimist Rebels will take on the Vancouver North West Giants at 7:00 p.m.

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After an opening-night win in front of a raucous home-ice crowd, the Red Deer Optimist Rebels return to the ice for game number two of the 2007 TELUS Cup, as they take on the St. John’s Maple Leafs on Tuesday night.

The Optimist Rebels’ offense sputtered against the Sault Ste. Marie North Stars on Monday night, taking close to 35 minutes to get a puck past North Stars’ goaltender Thomas Gravelines.

But goals from Matt Fraser on the powerplay and Cass Mappin shorthanded were more than enough for a strong defense and the play of goaltender Marc Boulanger, who picked up the first shutout of the National Midget Championship, stopping 14 shots.

The Maple Leafs, making their second TELUS Cup appearance in as many years, dropped a tight 3-1 decision to the Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard on Monday, in a game where the Atlantic Region champions failed to capitalize on a number of scoring chances.

Kyle Downer was one of the lone highlights for the Maple Leafs, as the goaltender turned aside 25 of 28 shots on his way to Player of the Game honours for his team.

It has been 25 games since the Optimist Rebels dropped a game on home ice, and if their play on Monday night was any indication, it will take a gold medal-worthy performance from the Maple Leafs to end that streak.


Game Information
Game Number Round Preliminary
Arena Red Deer Arena City, Country Red Deer, Alta., Canada
Month / Day / Year 04/24/2007 Time (local) 07:00 PM MT
Attendance 1400 Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
St. John's Maple Leafs (ATL) 0 0 0 0
Red Deer Optimist Rebels (PAC) 4 4 2 10
First Period
   06:30 PAC 2 Darren Windle (20 Kyle Reynolds, 8 Kyle Maas)
   10:48 PAC 15 Erik Slemp (12 Matt Fraser, 5 Kaare Odegard)
   16:12 PAC 20 Kyle Reynolds (2 Darren Windle, 9 Elliot Marion) PP
   19:02 PAC 20 Kyle Reynolds (9 Elliot Marion) PP

   04:04 ATL 3 Brian Hogan (Holding Opp. Stick)
   06:59 PAC 8 Kyle Maas (Slashing)
   12:30 PAC 2 Darren Windle (Roughing)
   12:45 ATL 9 Jeremy Barron (Tripping)
   15:30 ATL 16 Jon Caul (Slashing)
   18:54 ATL 5 Mitch Flynn (Interference)
   19:29 ATL 2 Jeff MacRoberts (Unsportsmanlike Cnd.)
   19:29 PAC 3 Jeff Einhorn (Unsportsmanlike Cnd.)

Second Period
   02:06 PAC 14 Landon Hiebert (15 Erik Slemp)
   05:22 PAC 5 Kaare Odegard PP
   08:00 PAC 14 Landon Hiebert (8 Kyle Maas, 5 Kaare Odegard) SH
   18:08 PAC 14 Landon Hiebert (12 Matt Fraser, 15 Erik Slemp)

   04:30 ATL 15 Chad Earle (Roughing)
   06:05 PAC 11 Jordan Hale (Holding)
   08:31 ATL 27 Mike King (Slashing)
   09:23 PAC 2 Darren Windle (Interference)
   10:42 PAC 10 Corey Campbell (Slashing)
   11:15 PAC 17 John Digness (Hooking)
   18:53 PAC 1 Marc Boulanger (Slashing)
   18:53 ATL 25 Brandon McDonald (Inter. on Goaltender)

Third Period
   03:18 PAC 9 Elliot Marion (, 20 Kyle Reynolds)
   10:27 PAC 9 Elliot Marion (20 Kyle Reynolds, 3 Jeff Einhorn) SH2

   06:09 ATL 25 Brandon McDonald (Unsportsmanlike Cnd.)
   06:09 PAC 5 Kaare Odegard (Unsportsmanlike Cnd.)
   06:09 PAC 5 Kaare Odegard (Charging)
   09:19 ATL 27 Mike King (Interference)
   09:51 ATL 3 Brian Hogan (Roughing)
   09:51 PAC 15 Erik Slemp (Roughing)
   09:51 ATL 4 Alex Wall (Major - Boarding)
   09:51 ATL 4 Alex Wall (Game Misconduct)
   10:27 PAC 8 Kyle Maas (Roughing)
   11:12 ATL 9 Jeremy Barron (Slashing)
   14:00 PAC 17 John Digness (Slashing)

St. John's Maple Leafs
1 Kyle Downer On 2/05:23   Off 2/12:35
35 Andrew Caines On 1/00:00   Off 2/05:22
35 Andrew Caines On 2/12:36   Off 3/20:00
Red Deer Optimist Rebels
1 Marc Boulanger On 1/00:00   Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
St. John's Maple Leafs 4 8 3 15
Red Deer Optimist Rebels 23 14 12 49

Player of Game
St. John's Maple Leafs 5 Mitch Flynn
Red Deer Optimist Rebels 20 Kyle Reynolds
Referee Lance McKinnon
Lines People Darren Spurgeon, Cody Huseby
Goal Judge Don Leitz, Steve Fleming