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Canadians are crazy about hockey! Did you know there are over 570,000 people registered with Hockey Canada? Look below and you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about the biggest hockey team in the world!

About Hockey Canada

What is Hockey Canada?

Great question!
Hockey Canada is an organization that works with many partners to make playing hockey safe and fun for everyone in Canada – including you!

How do we do it?
By developing programs and activities for coaches, parents, players, officials and volunteers who work hard to make hockey as fun as it can be.

Go Canada Go!
Hockey Canada also organizes Canada's many national teams. These teams play in world championships, the Olympics and many other international tournaments throughout the year.

Canada's national teams are:

  • National Men's Team
  • National Women's Team
  • National Sledge Hockey Team
  • National Junior (Under-20) Team
  • National Men's Under-18 Team
  • National Women's Under-18 Team
  • National Women's Under-22 Team

Besides the Olympics, Canadian teams play in at least seven international tournaments every year.

  • IIHF World Championship (National Men's Team)
  • IIHF World Women's Championship (National Women's Team)
  • IPC Sledge Hockey World Championship (National Sledge Hockey Team)
  • IIHF World Junior Championship (National Junior (Under-20) Team)
  • IIHF World Under-18 Championship (National Men's Under-18 Team)
  • IIHF World Women's Under-18 Championship (National Women's Under-18 Team)
  • MLP Cup (National Women's Under-22 Team)

Keep practicing – you might get to put on the maple leaf and play for your country!

Who belongs to Hockey Canada?

If your mom or dad have registered you for minor hockey with Hockey Canada, you're on the team! It means you're also registered with one of our branches from around the country.

These 13 divisions make up Hockey Canada:

Who else is on our team?

  • Everyone you play against
  • All the dedicated coaches from across the country
  • Referees and linesmen
  • Timekeepers
  • Hockey volunteers

National Women's Team players including:

  • Jayna Hefford
  • Hayley Wickenheiser
  • Caroline Ouellette
  • Meghan Agosta

National Men's Team players including:

  • Sidney Crosby
  • Scott Niedermayer
  • Jarome Iginla
  • Roberto Luongo

National Sledge Hockey Team players including:

  • Bradley Bowden
  • Greg Westlake
  • Jean Labonté
  • Billy Bridges
Team Canada Fast Fact

Canada has won more gold medals at the IIHF World Championship (24), IIHF World Women’s Championship (9) and IIHF World Junior Championship (13) than any other country!

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