Experience a Dream
Gerty Shipmaker
March 7, 2007

For two sisters in Armstrong, BC, a dream came true at the 2007 Esso Women’s National Championships in Salmon Arm on Tuesday.

Both girls, 10-year-old Cassidy and 11-year-old Catlyn Marshall, wrote essays on why they wanted to skate with champions, and both were winning entries. In her essay, Cassidy stated, “I would love to play hockey with girls.” Currently she is one of only three girls on her hockey team in Armstrong.
The sisters are playing hockey for the first time this season. Catlyn is the only girl on her team. “I think a girls team would be cool, to see some girls play hockey,” she wrote in her essay.

Catlyn came on the ice with the PEI team for its warm up and joined the starting lineup during the national anthem. She wore the No. 16 jersey of Tracy Knowles, who broke her ankle the previous day making her unable to play.

“It was a little different because I’m used to just boys,” said Catlyn of the experience. She enjoyed being part of the team on the ice passing the puck back and forth as well as off the ice in the change room where they sang and danced together.

Cassidy joined Team BC for its warm up and had some individual time shooting pucks at goaltender Jennifer Price. “It was really cool,” said Cassidy afterwards in the dressing room.

Cassidy and Catlyn have a six-year-old sister, Chelsea, who watched her sister skate with champions, wishing she were old enough to join. She’s practising on her own hockey team as well.

“Maybe in another eight years, my girls will be the champions,” says mom, Cheri Marshall.

Two sisters got to experience their hockey dream - of a lifetime.

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