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TSN Presents: Play On!
27 avril 2005

National Street Hockey Tournament Hits Canadian Cities This Summer Winning Team Earns Place in TSN Themed Exhibit at Hockey Hall of Fame

Every young hockey player dreams of making it into the Hockey Hall of Fame one day. While those dreams are developed and nurtured in arenas across the country, they almost always begin with street hockey - the purest expression of Canada's beloved game.

This summer, one team of Canadians will see this dream come true.

Play On!, presented by TSN, is The Official Canadian Street Hockey Tournament consisting of eight large-scale street hockey events held in major centres across Canada this summer. Each team is made up of five players, with separate divisions for men and women, various age categories and skill levels. The Play On! street hockey competitions are held in high-profile, downtown street locations and environments with true major league appeal. The event series culminates with the winning Elite (Adult Male) teams from each city competing for the Play On! National Championship [*London, Sept. 17-18], and the right to take their place in hockey's most revered edifice.

Event dates are as follows: Hamilton (May 28-29), Halifax (June 4-5), Winnipeg (June 18-19), Saskatoon (June 25-26), Vancouver (July 23-24), Edmonton (August 13-14), Calgary (August 20-21), and London (Sept 17-18).

A new championship trophy will also be awarded to the winning team. The design of the Cup and its name will be determined via contest whereby Canadians from coast to coast will have the opportunity to submit their proposals for its name and design. More information on this contest will soon be available on the Play On! website at
The 2005 Play On! National Champions will be recognized as Canada's greatest street hockey players, and will be awarded the new Cup. Winning team members' names will be engraved on it, and the trophy, their sticks, jerseys, and team picture will all take their appropriate place within TSN's themed exhibit at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
While the NHL remains embroiled in labour dispute, Canadians will "Play On!"

The national Play On! tour is presented by TSN and sponsored by Speed Stick, Sport Chek, allmaple apparel ( and Powerade. Tour supporters include Hockey Canada and the Canadian Ball Hockey Association.
All additional information pertaining to the events, including event locations and registration information, can be found by visiting the Play On! website at

*Note that this is a TSN grassroots hockey sponsorship, and Play On! National Championship is not a televised event

For more information:
Bill Hill, William Wilson Group
(519) 326-0045

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