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Dukes Win a Nail-Biter Against Abbies in a Must Win Game
Sara Garnier
6 mai 2003

The Wellington Dukes won a close game against the Charlottetown Abbies by a score of 1-0 in the first overtime period of the game where the goaltenders gave the fans fits by making incredible save after save.

The winning goal was scored by Mark Campbell 18 seconds into the overtime period. Campbell who was left alone in front of the Abbies net put the puck upstairs on Cory Roberts’ glove side after he had gone down.

This was a must win game for the Dukes after a 7-1 loss to the Camrose Kodiaks on Monday.

Dayne Davis of the Wellington Dukes and Roberts of the Abbies were unbelievable through three period not allowing any goals on 38 shots by the Abbies and 34 shots by Wellington .

Roberts was the story of the first period making save after save. However his team couldn’t beat Davis.

“We had a few chances. But their goalie played great. But you’ve got to find a way to score. In this tournament you know the games are going to be close but you we’ve got to manage to find a way to score,” said Roberts.

But Davis downplays his part in the win.

“I was just worried about my play, just keeping my body in front of the puck as much as possible. I think we played pretty good last game just a few bad bounces. Just a few bad rebounds here and there. We just tightened up and got the puck out after the first opportunities and didn’t allow them two many second chances,” said Davis.

Davis made his biggest save middle way through the third on a stop on Francis Walker on a two on none. Walker come down on the left side of Davis, with Troy Ilijow on his right side but Davis made a glove save on Walkers shot.

“He was coming down my right side and I just saw him open up the blade and we had talked earlier in a meeting about the tendencies of the shooters and they said Walker likes to go up stairs so I kind of saw when he opened up the blade I knew were he was going to go and I just got lucky that it went in my glove,” said Davis.

The Abbies who sit on the bubble of not making the semi-finals with a record of one win and two losses are now have little room for error.

“Tomorrow we are going to have to come out in the first period and get the jump on them early,” said Roberts.

Abbies who had trouble controlling the speed of the Wellington Dukes and let them walk in on Abbies goaltender Cory Roberts time after time. But Roberts held his own, facing 13 shots while the Abbies could only manage eight shots on the Wellington net.

In the second the Abbies had 19 shots on Davis and the dukes managed eight on Roberts.

Early in the third period the Abbies started to lay the body on the Dukes. Abbies Steve Thomas and Troy Ilijow had a hard hit each on the Dukes. The biggest hit of the period was on Mark Campbell of the Dukes. The hit left Campbell shaken up

Before the game former Charlottetown Abbie, David Ling, now Columbus Blue Jacket had his jersey retired by the Abbies.

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