2002 RBC Cup

Pacific - PAC
Central - CEN
Chiilwack Chiefs
Rayside Balfour Sabrecats

Western - WST
Host Team - HST
OCN Blizzard
Halifax Oland Exports

Eastern - EST
Ottawa Junior Senators

2015 RBC: POR 5 – CPC 2 (Championship)
Shawn Bowles had three points to lead the Terriers to their first national title.
2015 RBC: CPC 2 – PEN 1 (2OT) (Semifinal)
Larson scored the winner 3:43 into double overtime, sending the Canadians to the final.
2015 RBC: POR 3 – MEL 2 (Preliminary)
The Terriers scored three times in 7:29 in the first period to help clinch first place.