Program Details

The Hockey Canada Training Centre program is for athletes who are looking to reach the next level in their development as hockey players and as athletes.

With this in mind, Hockey Canada in combination with WinSport and the Canadian Sport Institute has come up with a recommended training program for elite Hockey Players.

As the season winds down it is recommended that athletes take a short break to recover from the grueling schedule of the season.

The HCTC Spring Program is a 10 week, strictly off-ice training program aimed towards improving the physical capacities of players and preparing them for further development.

The HCTC Summer Program is a combination of intensifying off-ice training with on-ice skill development to prepare athletes to be firing on all cylinders for training camps and tryouts.

Our trainers will work to identify needs in power, agility and strength and guide athletes to a stronger base of skill, knowledge and ability.

For more information, please contact:

Ross MacLean
Coordinator, Development

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