Women's Hockey

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Women's Hockey after Vancouver 2010

In light of IOC President Jacques Rogge’s comments with respect to Female hockey worldwide – what steps need to be taken to close the gap and to insure women’s hockey remains an Olympic sport

  • Reviewing the approach towards women’s hockey in all IIHF member associations
  • Do federations have a vision for women’s hockey and visionaries who are prepared to commit to the cause?
  • Increasing registration and participation among girls in the emerging women’s hockey nations
  • Growing the competitive environment in women’s international hockey
  • How should the IIHF assist emerging nations


Hayley Wickenheiser | Hockey Canada
Women's Hockey after Vancouver 2010 - pdf

The two North American countries have done everything perfectly in women’s hockey, but the rest of the world must catch up to make the game more compelling.
Girls want to play hockey, but they need societal respect, ice time, and coaching to develop a game they can show the world » more
Summit hears a series of recommendations from Canada's captain--and the IIHF responds immediately with a promise for increased funding and a petition to national federations for aggressive action » more
CALGARY--She's only 25, but Tessa Bonhomme already has a resume that sparkles--and a new place to play. She crafted her defensive skills in the NCAA ranks with the Ohio State Buckeyes, then spent a season with the Calgary Oval X-Treme of the Western Women's Hockey League. » more

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