Junior Development in the World

Topic Area 2:
Junior Development in the World

Assessing the results and figures from IIHF World (U20) Juniors, the Olympics and the NHL Draft; men’s competitive level is declining and European development is suffering. Is it just a cyclical or a worrisome trend?

  • The impact of European migration to the Canadian Junior ranks
  • Effects of Europeans leaving for the NHL/AHL before being NHL-ready
  • Strategies for maintaining the popularity of the IIHF World Juniors
  • Addressing the developmental shortcomings in elite junior hockey programs

Slavomir Lener - IIHF
Jr. Development around the World - pdf
Teenagers cannot be taken for granted. They represent the good of the game and the future of the game. Hockey must do everything it can to nurture their talents.
If the NHL is the ideal end, then Canadian and American junior systems have been doing a superb job of providing players to the world's premier pro league. » more
Lever, Bjugstad, Filc signal a radical drop in development which can only have a detrimental effect on the quality of play in the NHL. » more
The European junior leagues have been so ravaged by the CHL that they might cease to exist in just a few years, top coaches caution.

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