Global Event Agenda

Topic Area 4:
Establishing a Long-Term Global Event Agenda

Exploring the possibilities to provide hockey with a long-term international event agenda for both national team and club events, further enhancing the IIHF-NHL cooperation for the growth the game

  • Integrating the World Cup of Hockey into the international agenda and to consider a consistent rotation between the IIHF World Championship, the Olympics and the World Cup
  • Addressing the need for an annual World Club Championship (Victoria Cup) between the Stanley Cup champion and the European champion
  • Champions Hockey League – an opportunity for a re-launch
  • For the best of the game – growing hockey worldwide


Ralph Krueger | Edmonton Oilers
Establishing a long-term Global Event Agenda - pdf

Hockey’s top players are both NHL stars and international stars. The hockey world must develop a strategy for North America and the world.
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IIHF president Rene Fasel endorses all sorts of competition between  North American and Europe, but he will fight tooth and nail if the NHL wants to establish franchises overseas.
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