The Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit is an event designed to dissect the current state of hockey and collaboratively identify and address key concerns and issues facing the game today. The Summit’s theme, Global Teamwork Promoting the Growth of the Game, will be brought to life through interactive seminars, presentations, and discussions led by the who’s who of the global hockey world from the IIHF, the NHL, Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and the CHL.

Tuesday morning, the best-practices method to develop such players was the topic under the microscope at the Molson World Hockey Summit at the Air Canada Center.
The European junior leagues have been so ravaged by the CHL that they might cease to exist in just a few years, top coaches caution.
IIHF president Rene Fasel endorses all sorts of competition between  North American and Europe, but he will fight tooth and nail if the NHL wants to establish franchises overseas.
The KHL has had a bumpy five years but now has a junior league and a farm-team system, steps Slava Fetisov sees as signs of better times ahead for the KHL and hopefully with a peaceful NHL relationship next on the agenda.
Although he grew up on big ice, Ottawa Senators captain and Tre Kronor star preferred the small ice of Vancouver to the European sheet of Turin four years earlier.
A who’s who of hockey will be involved in the seven sessions that are a part of this summer’s Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit, bringing leaders of the game from around the world to Toronto.