Game Summary
Norway 0 - Canada 8



LONDON, Ont. –  World Sledge Hockey Challenge gold belongs to Canada once again.

For the first time since 2008, the Canadians came out on top at the event, blanking Norway 8-0 in front of a red and white crowd at the Western Fair Sports Centre.

Derek Whitson (Chatham, Ont.) kicked off the scoring at 2:32 in the first to give Canada a lead nice and early in the game. Despite being sent to the box for three straight penalties, and at one point giving Norway a five-on-three advantage, the Canadians were confident on the ice, displaying solid defensive play and keeping the Norwegians away from their net.

Adam Dixon (Midland, Ont.) added a second Canadian goal at 16:49 in the period to make it 2-0 as the clock ticked down on the period. Some timely saves from goaltender Corbin Watson (Kingsville, Ont.) helped keep Norway scoreless after one period.
In the second period, it was Canada’s turn to get the five-on-three advantage, with Greg Westlake (Oakville, Ont.) capitalizing by scoring with one second left before the first Norwegian came out of the box. Westlake added another at 14:06  to make the score 4-0 going into the second intermission.
Just 36 seconds into the third, Brad Bowden (Orton, Ont.) scored a shorthanded goal to make it 5-0forCanada,and giving Norway a difficult deficit to come back from. Bowden then assisted Dixon for his second of the game at 4:29, increasing it to 6-0, and the Canadians refused to quit pressing the Norwegians.

Billy Bridges (Summerside, Ont.) scored in the latter half of the second to top it off at a finalscoreof8-0 for Canada. In total Bridges, contributed five points to the game, including those two late game goals and three assists.

Corbin Watson (Kingsville, Ont.) preserved the shutout for Canada, his third of the tournament, earning him player of the game honours. Watson only allowed two goals while playing every minute in Canada's net during this tournament.
Canada came out of the 2011 World Sledge Hockey Challenge with a perfect 5-0 en route to winning the gold medal on home ice in London, Ont. Norway goes home with the silver medal.

Game Information
Game Number 10 Round Gold Medal
Arena Western Fair Sports Centre City, Country London, Ont.
Month / Day / Year 04/23/2011 Time 02:00 PM ET
Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
Norway (NOR) 0 0 0 0
Canada (CAN) 2 2 4 8

First Period
   02:32 CAN 4 Derek Whitson (18 Billy Bridges, 14 Steve Arsenault)
   16:49 CAN 11 Adam Dixon (18 Billy Bridges, 15 Scott Karrasch)

   05:22 CAN 4 Derek Whitson (High Sticking)
   06:09 CAN 18 Billy Bridges (Roughing)
   10:33 CAN 21 Raymond Grassi (Interference)
   12:41 NOR 8 Stig Tore Svee (Roughing After Whistle)
   18:17 NOR 11 Helge Bjørnstad (Holding)
   19:52 CAN 21 Raymond Grassi (Inter. on Goaltender)

Second Period
   05:05 CAN 12 Greg Westlake (18 Billy Bridges) PP
   14:06 CAN 12 Greg Westlake (21 Raymond Grassi, 27 Bradley Bowden) PP

   03:06 NOR 9 Morten Vaernes (Delay of Game)
   03:57 NOR 3 Rolf Einar Pedersen (Roughing)
   12:24 NOR 3 Rolf Einar Pedersen (Roughing)
   16:44 CAN 29 Graeme Murray (Holding)
   19:26 CAN 12 Greg Westlake (Unsportsmanlike Cnd.)

Third Period
   00:36 CAN 27 Bradley Bowden  SH
   04:29 CAN 11 Adam Dixon (27 Bradley Bowden)
   10:19 CAN 18 Billy Bridges (27 Bradley Bowden, 12 Greg Westlake) PP
   17:29 CAN 18 Billy Bridges (15 Scott Karrasch)

   03:23 NOR 3 Rolf Einar Pedersen (Roughing)
   03:23 CAN 18 Billy Bridges (High Sticking)
   09:17 NOR 11 Helge Bjørnstad (Holding)

1 Roger Johansen On 1/00:00 Off 3/20:00
30 Corbin Watson On 1/00:00 Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
Norway 0 0 0 0
Canada 0 0 0 0

Player of the Game
Canada 7 Eskil Hagen
Norway 30 Corbin Watson
Referee Mark Witlox, Matt Clark
Lines People Rob Eagleson