Game Summary
Norway  0 -  Canada  7



CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – Marc Dorion (Bourget, ON) and Greg Westlake (Oakville, ON) each scored two goals to lead Canada to a 7-0 win over Norway in the gold medal game of the 2008 World Sledge Hockey Challenge.

Canada dominated from start to finish. And it didn’t take long for the scoring to start.

Bradley Bowden (Orton, ON) created open space in the slot and snapped a shot past Norway’s Roger Johansen at the 23-second mark of the first period. The goal revved up a large crowd at the CARI Complex. The fans in attendance – more than 1,200 – would have plenty more to cheer about.

Canada had a great chance to add to its lead midway through the first, when Rolf Pedersen and Tommy Rovelstad – two of the team’s top players – were off the ice for penalties. Canada couldn’t score on the 5-on-3.

Shortly after that, though, Todd Nicholson (Kinburn, ON) dangled in the slot and fired a shot in to make it 2-0.

Canada took over the game in the second period, with Marc Dorion (Bourget, ON) and Greg Westlake (Oakville, ON) adding goals to make it 4-0. At the end of the second, Pedersen was handed a five-minute major and game misconduct for an elbow, which gave Canada a lengthy powerplay to start the third.

Canada didn’t score on the powerplay but did add three goals later on in the period. Dorion, Billy Bridges (Summerside, PEI) and Westlake rounded out the scoring.

As the final buzzer sounded, Canada’s players streamed on to the ice, put on championship hats, and collected their gold medals.

Game Information
Game Number Round Gold Medal
Arena CARI Complex City, Country Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada
Month / Day / Year 11/22/2008 Time (local) 04:00 PM AT
Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
Norway (NOR) 0 0 0 0
Canada (CAN) 2 2 3 7
First Period
   00:23 CAN 27 Bradley Bowden (18 Billy Bridges, 12 Greg Westlake)
   10:17 CAN 19 Todd Nicholson (9 Dany Verner, 7 Marc Dorion)

   01:56 CAN 16 Matthew Cook (Elbowing)
   07:15 NOR 3 Rolf Pedersen (T-Boning)
   07:55 NOR 4 Tommy Rovelstad (Interference)
   10:41 NOR 17 Loyd Remi Johansen (T-Boning)
   14:39 CAN 19 Todd Nicholson (Interference)

Second Period
   10:20 CAN 7 Marc Dorion (9 Dany Verner)
   13:58 CAN 12 Greg Westlake (7 Marc Dorion, 11 Adam Dixon)

   11:53 NOR 8 StigTore Svee (High Sticking)
   15:00 NOR 3 Rolf Pedersen (Game Misconduct)
   15:00 NOR 3 Rolf Pedersen (Major)

Third Period
   07:29 CAN 7 Marc Dorion (11 Adam Dixon)
   08:36 CAN 18 Billy Bridges (12 Greg Westlake, 21 Raymond Grassi)
   12:58 CAN 12 Greg Westlake (11 Adam Dixon, 18 Billy Bridges)

   09:51 CAN 3 Hervé Lord (Roughing)
   13:13 NOR 16 Knut Andre Nordstoga (Misconduct - Helmet)
   13:13 NOR 16 Knut Andre Nordstoga (Checking from Behind)
   13:42 CAN 16 Matthew Cook (Holding)

1 Roger Johansen On 1/00:00   Off 3/15:00
57 Paul Rosen On 1/00:00   Off 3/15:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
Norway 4 2 2 8
Canada 11 4 15 30

Player of Game
Referee Wayne Doyle
Lines People Matt Bowness, Richard Johnson