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World Sledge Hockey Challenge
Four teenagers cracked the roster for Canada’s National Sledge Team.
Sledge hockey continues to grow in Charlottetown and throughout P.E.I.
Canada, Korea, Norway and the U.S. converge on Charlottetown for the World Sledge Hockey Challenge.
Korea, Norway and the United States will join Canada’s National Sledge Team in Charlottetown, P.E.I.
The first puck drops Dec. 4 in Charlottetown, and full-event ticket packages are available for $50.
Nineteen players will wear red and white with Team Canada this season, including 10 Paralympians.
SLD.007.11:   November 29, 2011
SLD.005.11:   November 28, 2011
SLD.004.11:   November 28, 2011
SLD.002.11:   November 26, 2011
WSHC.004.08:   November 20, 2008
WSHC.003.08:   November 19, 2008
WSHC.002.08:   November 18, 2008
WSHC.001.08:   November 17, 2008
2016 WSHC: USA 8 – NOR 0 (Preliminary)
The line of Farmer, Roybal and McKee combined for six goals.
WSHC: CAN 10 – KOR 1 (Preliminary)
Brad Bowden’s six-point game led Canada to its second straight win.
2016 WSHC: USA 4 – KOR 0 (Preliminary)
The Americans scored three power play goals in an opening win.
2016 WSHC: CAN 3 – NOR 0 (Preliminary)
Westlake, Delaney and Sholomicki scored in Canada’s opening win.