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National Women's U18 Championship
Lindsay Agnew scored the overtime winner to give Ontario Red its ninth national title.
Ontario Red dominated the November 2005 U18 nationals like no team before – or since.
Either Manitoba or Ontario Red will be crowned champion in 2015.
Ontario Red’s Sarah Verbeek has travelled more than most to find her way to Huntsville.
One of Ontario Red, British Columbia, Ontario Blue and Manitoba will win gold.
B.C.’s Morgan Skinner only has to look to her mom to see how far a dream can take you.
U18.006.09:   November 8, 2009
U18.004.09:   November 6, 2009
U18.002.09:   November 4, 2009
NWU18.003.08:   November 6, 2008
NWU18.004.08:   November 6, 2008
NWU18.005.08:   November 6, 2008
NWU18.007.08:   November 6, 2008
NWU18.008.08:   November 6, 2008
NWU18.009.08:   November 6, 2008
NWU18.002.08:   November 5, 2008
NWU18.001.08:   November 4, 2008
NWU18.000.08:   November 3, 2008
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