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Halifax Officially Announces Details Regarding The 2004 IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship
June 26, 2003

Halifax (NS) – Fred MacGillivray, President and CEO of Trade Centre Limited and Chair of the 2004 IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship which will be held from March 30 to in Halifax, announced details regarding the 2004 IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship on Thursday at the World Trade and Convention Centre.

MacGillivray announced the event schedule, ticket information, venues that will host the event, and introduced Grant MacDonald as the Event Manager.

"We are proud to be bringing this event to Halifax," says Fred MacGillivray. "Not only will we be seeing the best of the best in women's international hockey, but we are offering Nova Scotians an opportunity to be part of history. Everyone remembers that proud moment in Salt Lake City – now we are bringing that pride, excitement and spirit to Halifax!"

The 20-game 2004 IIHF World Women's Championship will take place at the Halifax Metro Centre and the Dartmouth Sportplex.

"The Halifax Metro Centre will host 14 games in Groups A and B, including all Team Canada, Team USA and Medal games," says Grant MacDonald. "The Dartmouth Sportsplex will host 6 games in Group C."

The 2004 IIHF Women's World Championship tournament will be in a nine-team format. "There are 20 championship games in total - three pools of three teams seeded based on the results of the 2002 Olympics," explains MacDonald.

The teams scheduled to play are: Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, China, Switzerland and Japan. Switzerland was promoted from Division 1 after winning in 2002; Japan was promoted from Division 1 after winning in 2003.

"One team is relegated after each World Women's Championship; however, because the 2003 event in Beijing was cancelled due to SARS and international travel advisories, no team could be relegated and Japan had qualified for 2004 in Halifax," says MacGillivray.

"We are excited to be hosting the World Women's Championship in Canada for a fourth time," said Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson. "We know that Halifax and the Host Committee will do an outstanding job and make this an unforgettable event."

"This event will provide a great new opportunity for females to participate in all levels of the event," says Denny Deveau, Vice-Chair, Local Organizing Committee. "Speaking on behalf of Hockey Nova Scotia . . . and personally . . . we are looking forward to presenting hockey as a sport-participation-option for women."

Ticket packages for the 2004 IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship will go on sale at the Halifax Metro Centre Box Office on Thursday, . Please note this offer is only available via the Halifax Metro Centre Box Office Charge Line, (902) 451-1221. There will be three packages available:

1. Full-Tournament Package (20 games), $300 Adults/$200 Youth

2. Halifax Metro Centre (14 games), $210 Adults/$140 Youth

3. Dartmouth Sportsplex Package (6 games), $90 Adults/$60 Youth.

Group A Group B Group C
*Canada *USA *Sweden
*Germany *Russia *Finland
*China **Switzerland ***Japan
* Seeding based on 2002 Olympics ** 2002 IIHF Div 1Champions *** 2003 IIHF Div 1 Champions

Date Group # Game Location Time
Tuesday B 1 SUI-USA Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
30 March A 2 CHN-CAN Halifax Metro Centre 20:00
  C 3 JPN-SWE Dartmouth Sportsplex 18:00
  Day off   FIN, RUS, GER    
Wednesday B 4 RUS-SUI Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
31 March A 5 GER-CHN Halifax Metro Centre 20:00
  C 6 FIN-JPN Dartmouth Sportsplex 18:00
  Day off   CAN, USA, SWE    
Thursday B 7 USA-RUS Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
1 April A 8 CAN-GER Halifax Metro Centre 20:00
  C 9 SWE-FIN Dartmouth Sportsplex 18:00
  Day off   CHN, SUI, JPN    

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
A1 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3
C1 C2 C3

Date Group # Game Location Time
Saturday 2 10 ** A2-B2 Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
3 April 1 11 ** A1-B1 Halifax Metro Centre 20:00
  3 12 A3-B3 Dartmouth Sportsplex 18:00
  Day off   C1, C2, C3    
Sunday 2 13 C2-A2 Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
4 April 1 14 C1-A1 Halifax Metro Centre 20:00
  3 15 C3-A3 Dartmouth Sportsplex 18:00
  Day off   B1, B2, B3    
Monday 2 16 B2-C2 Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
5 April 1 17 B1-C1 Halifax Metro Centre 20:00
  3 18 B3-C3 Dartmouth Sportsplex 18:00
  Day off   A1, A2, A3    
Tuesday Bronze 19 3rd Group 1 - 1st Group 2 Halifax Metro Centre 16:00
6 April Gold 20 1st Group 1 - 2nd Group 1 Halifax Metro Centre 20:00

*Televised games begin at 10 minutes past the hour. The game start times will be adjusted when the broadcast schedule is confirmed and will be included in Information package # 2 (subject to IIHF approval).

** with Canada’s possible qualification (game 10 or 11), if CAN is qualified in position A1 or A2, CAN will play at 16:00

Canada's National Women's Hockey team has been enormously successful on the international stage. They are the seven-time defending World Champions, defeating Team USA seven times in Gold Medal game, holding a perfect 35-0 record in the IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship since 1990. Team Canada are the defending Olympic Gold Medallists (defeating Team USA 3-2 in the gold medal game in Salt Lake City, 2002), and the 2004 Team will include several players from 2002 Olympic Gold Medal roster.

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