Game Summary
Ontario Blue  1 -  Ontario Red  2


NAPANEE, ON – Back and forth they went, all game long. As quickly as Ontario Red would get a chance, Ontario Blue would come back the other way.

In the end, though, Red beat Blue in the Battle of Ontario at the 2008 National Women’s Under-18 Championship on Wednesday night at the Strathcona Paper Centre. Brianne Jenner (Oakville, ON/Mississauga Chiefs, CWHL) scored with 47 seconds left in the 10-minute overtime period as Red edged Blue 2-1 in front of a packed house in Napanee.

Jamie Lee Rattray (Ottawa, ON/Ottawa Senators, PWHL) made a great pass from behind the net to Jenner, who flipped the puck over Ontario Blue goaltender Jenesica Drinkwater (Brantford, ON/Stoney Creek Sabres, PWHL). Jenner’s teammates immediately flooded on to the ice to congratulate their captain.

The teams played 40 minutes of goal-free hockey, but it wasn’t for a lack of chances. Ontario Blue’s Drinkwater and Red’s Cassie Seguin (Ingleside, ON/Ottawa Senators, PWHL) made several impressive saves to keep the game scoreless through two periods.

In the third, Ontario Red took a 1-0 lead on a goal by Casandra Langan (Chatham, ON/London Devilettes, PWHL), a similar goal to that of Jenner’s, with Langan finishing a play set up by Rattray. Just over five minutes later, Ontario Blue tied the game when Bree Polci (London, ON/Toronto Aeros, PWHL) jammed a puck past Seguin.

Both teams return to action on Thursday, with Ontario Red facing Team Atlantic and Ontario Blue taking on Saskatchewan. Ontario Red entered this year’s tournament as four-time defending champion.


Game Information
Game Number Round Preliminary
Arena Strathcona Paper Centre City, Country Greater Napanee, Ont., Canada
Month / Day / Year 11/05/2008 Time (local) 08:00 PM ET
Attendance 674 Game Status Final in Overtime

Box Score   1     2     3   OT1 Total
Ontario Blue (ON-B) 0 0 1 0 1
Ontario Red (ON-R) 0 0 1 1 2
First Period

   06:13 ON-B 9 Aurora Kennedy (Holding)
   08:07 ON-R 89 Danielle Skirrow (Hooking)
   12:17 ON-R 7 Shannon Doyle (Elbowing)
   13:13 ON-B 16 Shannon Stoneburgh (Tripping)
   19:16 ON-R 10 Kayla Sullivan (Tripping)

Second Period

   07:10 ON-R 92 Ally Tarr (Cross Checking)
   10:25 ON-B 17 Jessica Sorensen (Interference)
   12:42 ON-R 8 Isabel Menard (Cross Checking)
   15:12 ON-R 7 Shannon Doyle (Bodychecking)
   18:34 ON-R 7 Shannon Doyle (Tripping)

Third Period
   08:27 ON-R 3 Casandra Langan (66 Jamie Lee Rattray)
   13:46 ON-B 2 Bree Polci (5 Sally Butler, 19 Elizabeth Stathopulos)

   02:39 ON-R 7 Shannon Doyle (Hooking)
   04:29 ON-B 5 Sally Butler (Slashing)
   06:14 ON-B 1 Jenesica Drinkwater (Slashing)
   07:07 ON-B 12 Jessica Vella (Hooking)
   13:58 ON-R 11 Brianne Jenner (Roughing)
   17:34 ON-R 8 Isabel Menard (Holding)
   19:52 ON-R 13 Bryanna Farris (Tripping)


   09:17 ON-R 11 Brianne Jenner (66 Jamie Lee Rattray )

   05:07 ON-R7 Shannon Doyle (Tripping)

Ontario Blue
1 Jenesica Drinkwater On 1/00:00   Off 4/10:00
Ontario Red
31 Cassie Seguin On 1/00:00   Off 4/10:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   OT1 Total
Ontario Blue 6 12 15 3 36
Ontario Red 8 6 8 5 27

Player of Game
Ontario Blue 81 Kathryn Miller
Ontario Red 31 Cassie Seguin
Referee Konichek
Lines People St. Pierre, Stratton
Goal Judge Chris Eden, Louis Cabrel