2010 National Midget Championship

St. John's Fog Devils  7 -  Red Deer Optimist Rebels  2



LÉVIS, QUE. – The St. John’s Fog Devils have punched their ticket for the weekend at the 2010 TELUS Cup.

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St. John’s came through in the clutch, knocking off the Red Deer Optimist Rebels 7-2 on Friday afternoon at the Lévis Arena. The Fog Devils earned the fourth and final spot in Saturday’s semifinals, joining the Galois du Collège Antoine-Girouard, Mississauga Reps and Notre Dame Hounds.

Mike Cole (St. John’s, N.L.) got things going for the Fog Devils in the first period and they didn’t look back from there. Marcus Power (St. John’s, N.L.), Michael Abbott (St. John’s, N.L.), Zach O’Brien (St. John’s, N.L.) and Andrew Sullivan (St. John’s, N.L.) scored for the Fog Devils in the second.

O’Brien’s goal was his sixth of the tournament, which gives him the lead heading into the weekend.

Justin Faux (Red Deer, Alta.) and Sam Jardine (Lacombe, Alta.) scored for Red Deer in the third, with Nick Lindstrom (Mount Pearl, N.L.) and Cole scoring for St. John’s in the final frame.

The final standings and semifinal matchups won’t be determined until later on Friday evening, following the game between Antoine-Girouard and the Lévis Commandeurs.

Of the four teams still in the hunt in Lévis, only Notre Dame has won the National Midget Championship. The Hounds are the defending TELUS Cup champions and have three gold medals at this event.

Antoine-Girouard won silver in 2003, with St. John’s taking bronze that year. Mississauga has never been to the National Midget Championship prior to this year.


Game Information
Game Number 14  Round Round Robin
Arena Aréna de Lévis City, Country Lévis, Que., Canada
Month / Day / Year 04/23/2010 Time (local) 04:00 PM ET
Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
St. John's Fog Devils (ATL) 1 4 2 7
Red Deer Optimist Rebels (PAC) 0 0 2 2
First Period
   09:01 ATL 16 Mike Cole (18 Rodney Mahoney, 9 Zach O’Brien) PP2

   07:37 PAC 5 Blair Mulder (Tripping)
   08:57 PAC 4 Wyat Haustein (Charging)
   09:58 ATL 16 Mike Cole (Interference)
   12:45 PAC 5 Blair Mulder (Roughing)
   17:39 PAC 7 Jarett Zentner (Slashing)

Second Period
   03:37 ATL 8 Marcus Power (10 Cody Squires, 24 Andrew Sullivan) PP
   09:23 ATL 24 Andrew Sullivan (16 Mike Cole, 12 Danny Wicks)
   16:06 ATL 9 Zach O’Brien (10 Cody Squires, 8 Marcus Power)
   16:45 ATL 24 Andrew Sullivan (12 Danny Wicks)

   02:50 PAC 4 Wyat Haustein (Roughing)
   17:33 PAC 31 Mac Engel (Slashing)
   18:06 ATL 10 Cody Squires (Roughing After Whistle)

Third Period
   02:14 PAC 3 Justin Faux (17 Clayton Petrie)
   03:02 ATL 27 Nick Lindstrom (6 Justin O’Reilly, 15 Justin Walsh)
   06:17 PAC 2 Nate Engert (21 Sam Jardine) PP
   16:44 ATL 16 Mike Cole (4 Ryan Walsh, 17 Danny Phillips) PP2

   03:55 PAC 15 Kristopher Dalton (Slashing)
   05:32 ATL 22 Robert Cahill (Charging)
   06:38 ATL 15 Justin Walsh (Cross Checking)
   12:27 ATL 4 Ryan Walsh (Hooking)
   14:45 PAC 12 Nathan Dennis (10-Minute Misconduct)
   15:27 PAC 10 Tanner Dunkle (Roughing)
   16:12 PAC 4 Wyat Haustein (Roughing)
   16:38 ATL 12 Danny Wicks (Roughing)
   16:38 PAC 2 Nate Engert (Cross Checking)
   19:30 PAC 15 Kristopher Dalton (Roughing)

St. John's Fog Devils
31 Scott Bray On 1/00:00   Off 3/11:37
29 Scott Walsh On 3/11:38   Off 3/20:00
Red Deer Optimist Rebels
31 Mac Engel On 1/00:00   Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
St. John's Fog Devils 12 12 21 45
Red Deer Optimist Rebels 16 13 15 44

Player of Game
St. John's Fog Devils 24 Andrew Sullivan
Red Deer Optimist Rebels 2 Nate Engert
Referee Pierre Lambert
Lines People Benoit Vigeant-Sanssoucy, Maxime Mongeon-Charron