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NST: Hockey is hockey
Jan 09, 2015
Crosby, Giroux, Couture and a few other NHL stars joined the Mississauga Cruisers for a lesson in sledge hockey.
PARA: Guess who’s coming to dinner
Mar 14, 2014
If Canada’s sledge team could have any three dinner guests, who would they be?
PARA: The best concert ever
Mar 10, 2014
Live and in person, what’s the best Canada’s sledge team has seen?
PARA: What’s my super power?
Mar 07, 2014
Would Canada’s sledge team fly? Maybe they’d want to be invisible.
PARA: My most embarrassing song
Mar 06, 2014
Canada’s sledge team definitely listens to some interesting music.
PARA: Can’t leave home without it
Mar 05, 2014
Keys? Wallet? Phone? What must Canada’s sledge team always have?
PARA: What did I have to eat?
Mar 03, 2014
What are the weirdest foods Canada’s sledge team has tried?
PARA: What’s my karaoke song?
Mar 03, 2014
On stage, mic in hand, what would Canada’s sledge team pick to sing?
PARA: What’s my favourite toy?
Mar 03, 2014
What did Canada’s sledge team just have to have when they were kids?
WSHC: CAN-USA Highlights – TSN
Dec 08, 2013
Canada won its fifth WSHC gold medal with a 3-1 victory over the U.S.
WSHC: Westlake’s Words (Dec. 7)
Dec 08, 2013
Captain Canada checks in from the World Sledge Hockey Challenge.
WSHC: A true role model – TSN
Dec 07, 2013
Curtis Hunt has a special connection with Canada’s sledge team.