The Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program seeks to inform parents, coaches and players of the values in developing a positive attitude towards healthy competition, cooperative teamwork, fair play and grace under pressure. The Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program is designed to educate all involved in the game about Respect and Responsibility in the game that we all love. The program enables all participants to become contributing members of the hockey family, develop a good value system and experience a sense of personal responsibility all while having fun!

Chevrolet together with it’s celebrity spokespeople Bobby Orr, Mike Bossy and Cassie Campbell, and with the help of Hockey Canada, have developed a program targeted to the beginning hockey family helping to educate the Safe & Fun Hockey Program values both on and off the ice.

Just as the future of Hockey Canada lies with our youth, the future of our youth lies in the hands of hockey parents. Chevrolet and Hockey Canada understand the important part parents play in helping beginning hockey players to develop respectful attitudes. By helping to educate parents, it is the hope of Chevrolet and Hockey Canada that each parent may become a Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey ambassador for the greatest game in the world!

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How Can My Minor Hockey Association Get Involved?

Host a Parent Seminar:

Each year Minor Hockey Association across Canada have the opportunity to put on their own parent seminar to help kick off the hockey season. These clinics can be put on by someone in your local Minor Hockey Association, such as a Branch/Hockey Canada course conductor, Minor Hockey Executive Member, or even a local teacher.

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