Player Development Resources

Player Development Resources

Player Development Programming Framework

Player Development Programming Framework (pdf)

By implementing a standardized technical curriculum and methodology for player development,  your association is building a foundation for athletes to enjoy the game of hockey and reach their potential. While it should be the goal of each team to be successful in their league, the player development process should be at the forefront of each team and this development component must not be compromised.


Simply put, a Player Development model (PDM) is a framework to maximize a player¹s potential and long term involvement in sport over the course of their life.
This manual provides a foundation for the preparation of Canadian players and coaches through their participation in the Program of Excellence.
The Hockey Canada Goaltender Development Pyramid was created to provide the coach with a comprehensive guideline to help develop a seasonal plan.
This manual is designed to introduce a basic but important understanding of warmup, stretching, plyometrics, balance and coordination, off-ice stickhandling, nutrition, hydration and skill development during the off-season of hockey.
Checkout these videos for drills and tips  for developing players and goaltenders.  Over 80 skills videos for players and over 125 goaltending videos.

HCC: Getting the all-star treatment
HCC: Getting the all-star treatment
HCC: Welcome to Canada’s game
HCC: Welcome to Canada’s game
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NWT: Train like a pro
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