Head Contact Rule

Head Contact Rule

New Head Contact Rule
  to Take Effect in 2011-12

What constitutes head contact? What penalty will be assessed when head contact is called? Find out that and more with Hockey Canada’s definition of the new rule that will take effect immediately at the start of 2011-12. » more

View a Video Introduction
to Proper Checking

Hockey Canada has developed a four step progression to teaching and learning checking. These techniques will not only create a safer playing environment, but will also make defenders more effective. » view video

Download the 2014-15
Hockey Canada Rule Book

Are you a coach or an official and you’re not quite sure how a rule should be interpreted? Was that a penalty or not? Get the answers you’re looking for by downloading the 2014-15 version of Hockey Canada’s official rule book. » download

» Head Contact rule book sticker (pdf)

Standard of Play

One of the best ways to understand what the official looks for when making the call is to look closely at certain cues within the player’s actions. You could say that the initial action a player takes allows the official to anticipate the infractions because in most cases it is inevitable. What then? » more

Hockey Canada Safety Program

The Hockey Canada Safety program provides participants with information they need to promote and implement safety in the game of hockey. Click here to view safety resources available.


Hockey Canada Video PSAS

Get 30-second video PSAs from both the ‘Relax, It’s Just a Game’ and ‘Hockey First’ campaigns. Perfect for television ads or instructional videos, the PSAs show how parents should not be when dealing with young players, and what the game of hockey means to Canadians. » more

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