History (Part 1)
The origin of hockey in Canada has never been definitely established. Claims have been made on behalf of many localities, notably Montreal, Halifax and Kingston and the controversy will no doubt go on as long as the sport continues.

There is no doubt that hockey has been played for a long time in Canada and individual clubs such as the Victorias of Montreal were known at an early date. Montreal also lays claim to having the first organized league of clubs.

The first organization actually dealing with the administration and development of the sport was the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC), which was organized on the 8th of December, 1886.

With the passage of the years in other parts of Canada organizations also came into existence and on December 4th, 1914, the first meeting to provide for a national body was held in the Chateau Laurier, Ottawa. While it was fitting that the first meeting should be held in Canada's capital city, the impetus for the organization was provided by a group of men in that Western city which has had such a notable connection with the sport, Winnipeg. The invitations for the meeting were sent out by C.C. Robinson of Winnipeg on behalf of the Allan Cup Trustees and N.H. Crow of Toronto, the Secretary of the Amateur Athletic Union of Toronto.

At the meeting, William Northey of Montreal, Trustee of the Allan Cup was chosen as the chairman and Mr. Crow acted as Secretary.

Those present at the meeting and the organizations represented were as follows;

J.W. Ward, Hamilton, Alberta A.H.A.
Otto Dinnith, Montreal, Can. Inter-Collegiate H.U.
Ernest H. Jupp, Toronto, Can. Inter-Collegiate H.U.
Francis Nelson, Toronto, Ont. Hockey Association
H.E. Wettlaufer, Berlin, Ont.
W.F. Taylor, Winnipeg, Manitoba Hockey Assn.
Mr. P.D. Shand, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan A.H.A.
F.H.P. Marples, Winnipeg, Monarch Hockey Club
W.F. Trivett, Toronto, O.A.A.U.
C.C. Robinson, Winnipeg, Victoria Hockey Club
D.W.F. Nichols, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Hockey Club
R.E. Melville, Montreal, Quebec Br. A.A.U.
Jos. B. Parker, Winnipeg, C.T.P.A.A.
Jas. G. Merrick, Toronto, Can. Olympic Assn.
Thomas Boyd, Winnipeg, A.A.U. of C.
Albert E. Vert, New Westminster, B.C.A.A.U.
Norman M. Mowat, Montreal, Montreal City H. League
Leo Dandurand, Montreal, Montreal City H. League
Norton H. Crow, Toronto Sec. A.A.U. of C.
W. Northey, Montreal, Allan Cup Trustee
G.B. Reid, Regina, Victoria Hockey Club

Those present at the meeting decided unanimously that a national governing body for amateur hockey should be organized and thus the Association came into being. A constitution and by-laws were drafted and adopted and Dr. W.F. Taylor of Winnipeg was selected as President, Francis Nelson of Toronto, Vice-President, and C.C. Robinson of Winnipeg as Secretary-Treasurer of the infant organization. It is noteworthy that the Association unanimously chose as Honorary President that outstanding Canadian figure, John Ross Robertson of Toronto, and for Patron, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada.