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From Paul Henderson’s goal in the dying seconds of the 1972 Summit Series to the championship game victory in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey, Canada has often been on top of the best-on-best tournaments that have dotted the history of international hockey.

All-time Results
Year Event Gold Silver Bronze CAN Location
2004 World Cup CAN FIN CZE/FIN 1st North America/Europe
1996 World Cup USA CAN SWE 2nd North America/Europe
1991 Canada Cup CAN USA FIN 1st Canada/United States
1987 Canada Cup CAN USSR SWE 1st Canada/United States
1984 Canada Cup CAN SWE USSR 1st Canada/United States
1981 Canada Cup USSR CAN TCH 2nd Canada
1976 Canada Cup CAN TCH SWE 1st Canada/United States
1974 Summit Series (WHA) USSR CAN - 1st Canada/USSR
1972 Summit Series (NHL) CAN USSR - 1st Canada/USSR