Game Summary

Canada 4 - Germany 1

Deutschland Cup
Sunday, November 13, 2005
Hannover, GER

Team Canada needed some help from Team USA and for a second consecutive day, Canada got some help from its North American neighbour.  
After a 4-1 victory over the host team from Germany on Sunday afternoon, the Canadian team stayed at the rink to see if USA could knock off Slovakia and give Team Canada it's first Deutschland Cup since 2002.  The USA also helped Canada samedi with a victory over the Swiss to hold Switzerland to 7 points in the tournament.  And Team USA came through again, holding on for a 3-2 win over Slovakia, giving Canada the 2005 Deutschland Cup.  Team Canada ended the tournament with 8 points and a 3-1 record.

Team Canada needed a victory on Sunday to have any chance of bringing home the Deutschland Cup and the team comprised of mainly Canadians playing professionally in Germany turned in what was arguably its best effort of the tournament.  Chris Herperger scored a power play goal to open the scoring and scored his second into an empty net to lead Canada to a 4-1 victory.  Jeff Maund played in his 4th consecutive game and was again very solid in the Canadian net.  Maund allowed only one goal in each of Canada’s three victories.  Micki Dupont was a force on Canada's back end, scoring a goal and playing a huge role in killing off numerous German power plays. Dupont was named Canada's player of the game.


Box Score CAN
Compte GER

First Period/Première période

05:59: 1-0 Canada: 12: Chris HERPERGER (15: Dan LAMBERT; 16: Todd WARRINER) 19:27: 1-1 Germany: 16: Stefan USTORF (34: Eduard LEWANDOWSKI)

04:34: PEN Germany: 58: Lasse KOPITZ
05:07: PEN Germany: 27: Marian BAZANY
05:07: PEN Canada: 10: Mike GREEN
05:07: PEN Germany: 27: Marian BAZANY
05:07: Auszeit Canada:
06:27: PEN Canada: 18: Brad TAPPER
14:36: PEN Germany: 40: Thomas GREISS
17:24: PEN Canada: 24: Matt HIGGINS
19:47: PEN Germany: 47: Christoph ULLMANN

Second Period/Deuxième période

35:23: 2-1 Canada: 5: Micki DUPONT (20: Brendan YAREMA; 2: Patrice BOILEAU)

23:33: PEN Canada: 8: Jame POLLOCK
26:09: PEN Canada: 16: Todd WARRINER
28:56: PEN Germany: 26: Daniel KREUTZER
28:56: PEN Canada: 21: Darren VAN IMPE
31:17: PEN Germany: 48: Frank HÖRDLER
33:32: PEN Germany: 52: Alexander SULZER
34:59: PEN Germany: 58: Lasse KOPITZ
38:23: PEN Canada: 9: Andy SCHNEIDER
39:12: PEN Canada: 5: Micki DUPONT

Third Period/Troisième période

47:37: 3-1 Canada: 15: Dan LAMBERT (16: Todd WARRINER; 12: Chris HERPERGER)
59:52: 4-1 Canada: 12: Chris HERPERGER [Leeres Tor]

42:02: PEN Canada: 16: Todd WARRINER
44:43: PEN Canada: 8: Jame POLLOCK
46:24: PEN Germany: 26: Daniel KREUTZER
49:51: PEN Canada: 15: Dan LAMBERT
55:09: PEN Canada: 26: Jeff FINLEY
58:18: Auszeit Germany:

Goaltenders CAN Jeff Maud
Gardiennes de but GER Thomas GREISS

Shots on Goal Team

1 p

2 p

3 p


Shots on Goal CAN





Tirs au but GER





Referee/Arbitre LOOKER, Rick
Linesmen/Juges des lignes HÖCK, Christian, ZEHETLEITNER, Florian

Attendance/Assistance 3899
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Brad Pascall Vice-President, Hockey Operations