Puckster Books
There are hundreds of thousands of young children enrolled in organized hockey associations all across Canada and nothing is more exciting for these kids than getting that first hockey sweater. Join Puckster and his pals as they try to figure out how they can raise enough money to buy brand new jerseys to play in their first game.
The big day has finally arrived!  Puckster and his pals are playing in a real game, in a real arena, against a real team.  The Rocket Racoons are fast and a good hockey team and Puckster knows his team will have to play as hard as they can.  When everyone scores a goal but Charlie, Puckster works hard to get the puck to him.  Only when Charlie gets it on his stick, he doesn’t know what to do.
That first ever hockey tournament is so exciting!  Puckster and his pals can’t wait to play more than one game in a day.  But Roly the goalie has a hard time with his nerves and thinks that only junk food from the concession will calm him down.  That is, until he gets a sick tummy.
When Francois the beaver gets sick during one of their games, Puckster knows he needs to find a new teammate.  But who?  Then he spots a panda bear named Juan playing ball hockey outside.  Puckster asks him if he wants to play but he is shy and has never skated before.  Puckster teaches him on the outdoor ice and when it is time for Juan to play in a real game he is scared.  Puckster and his pals encourage him to do his best.
Puckster and his pals are trying out for a special team that gets to play one game against the Russian Tigers.  This special game is going to be on television too!  But not everyone prepares properly for the tryout.  Who makes the team?  And who doesn’t?
Puckster has been selected to act as Team Canada's stick boy at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.   He is so excited because he is taking a big surprise with him for all the fans.  When one of the players gets hurt, Puckster plays along with NHL superstars Sidney Crosby, Rick Nash, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and more.  So Puckster also got a big surprise!

Name: Puckster
Number: 19
Position: Forward
Shoots: Left