No. Name Shot Pos. Club Team Home Town DOB
No. Nom Lancer Pos. Équipe dìorigine Ville dìorigine DNN
1 Jana Bugden   G Prep School Corner Brook, NF 27/01/84
2 Catherine Fifield R/D D Mt. Pearl Blades C.B.S, NF 11/01/84
3 Stacy Rodgers L/G F/A Bay Arena Minor Harbour Grace, NF 11/06/84
4 Sheila Kelly L/G D St. Johnìs (Minor) St. Johnìs, NF 15/11/85
5 Tara Snow L/G F/A Bay Arena Minor Harbour Grace, NF 15/12/86
6 Ashley Drover A L/G D Bay Arena Minor Harbour Grace, NF 17/09/84
7 Sara Little C L/G D Univ. of Ottawa Manuels, NF 22/02/82
8 Shelly Brown R/D D Mount Pearl Minor Mt. Pearl, NF 07/08/84
9 Sara Jane Follett R/D F/A Gander Minor Gander, NF 03/08/85
10 Jennifer Pollett L/G F/A Trinity Placentia New Harbor, NF 07/03/86
11 Katie Vavasour A L/G F/A Mt. Pearl Minor Mt. Pearl, NF 03/07/82
12 Ashley Matchem R/D F/A Mt. Pearl Minor Manuels, NF 28/12/84
14 Katie Woodford R/D F/A Mt. Pearl Minor Seal Cove, NF 24/04/84
15 Melanie Gould L/G F/A Lewisport Minor Port au Choix, NF 31/05/86
16 Jana Rumsey R/D F/A   Paradise, NF 06/05/81
17 Jennifer Toope A L/G D Mt. Pearl Minor Mt. Pearl, NF 26/11/79
18 Stephanie Barker L/G F/A Springdale Minor Springdale, NF 25/03/84
19 Catherine Shears L/G F/A Cornerbrook, NF Cornerbrook, NF 12/11/86
20 Jenine Stead L/G F/A Trinity Placentia Whitebourne, NF 04/09/82
21 Simone Short L/G D Stephenville Minor Stephenville, NF 09/05/85
31 Clare Hunt L/G G Southern Shore C.B.S. NF 30/04/85

Branch Rep./Rep. Branche: Mona Hoffe
Manager/Gérante: Dianne Evans
Coach/Entraîneur: Cecil Stoyles
Assistant Coach/Entraîneur adjoint: Krista Williams
Team Trainer/Soigneur: Jennifer Martin
Team Senior Host(s): Darlene Brown & Anne Graham
Team Junior Host(s): Shayna Just & Dayna Lamendeau

This year's Newfoundland Senior Ladies Team is made up of players between the ages of 15-21 years of age. The skill levels range from college hockey to minor hockey. The team was selected over a two-week period. For many of these players, this will be their first experience at a national event as it relates to hockey and they are looking forward to this great opportunity. The Newfoundland team would like to thank ESSO for their support of ladies hockey in Canada.
Cecil Stoyles
Head Coach


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