Game Summary
Calgary Flyers  4 -  Edmonton Thunder  2

By: Tessa Clayton

If the opening minutes were any indication of how the game would go, the Edmonton Thunder would have dominated the Calgary Flyers.

The key word is “if.” Despite having the Flyers on their heels to begin with, two quick goals in the opening five minutes by Flyers’ Ferran Brown and Brittany Styner set the Thunder back and looking rather disconnected.



From that point on, Calgary set the pace for the remainder of the game. Edmonton took quite a few penalties throughout the game, but with a goal by Kristie Martin in the second, the Thunder began to show signs of life.

Even though that feistiness continued into the third, with Thunder Brittany Esposito scoring the only goal and tempers flaring it wasn’t be enough, as Calgary constantly found holes in Edmonton’s defense and took it to them. Leading the opposition once again for Calgary were Styner, Brown and Sadie Lenstra, averaging seven points between the three of them alone.

Thunder goalie Morgan Glover did her best to hold down the fort, but it wasn’t enough to best the opposition at the other end of the ice. Flyers’ Bailey Toupin was superb once again, stopping all but two shots that came her way and shut the door on shorthanded attempts and breakaways.

Both teams played an extremely physical game, giving and taking some close calls. Calgary plays the Westman Wildcats tomorrow night, while Edmonton has a break until Thursday afternoon when they face the Northern Stars.


Game Information
Game Number Round Preliminary
Arena Max Bell Centre City, Country Calgary, Alta., Canada
Month / Day / Year 04/21/2009 Time (local) 07:30 PM MT
Attendance Game Status Final

Box Score   1     2     3   Total
Calgary Flyers (HST) 3 1 0 4
Edmonton Thunder (PAC) 0 1 1 2
First Period
   04:31 HST 2 Ferran Brown (10 Brittany Styner, 5 Kayla Kaluzny)
   04:46 HST 10 Brittany Styner (2 Ferran Brown)
   16:06 HST 10 Brittany Styner (11 Sadie Lenstra, 5 Kayla Kaluzny) PP

   01:38 PAC 14 Alison Campbell (Tripping)
   10:52 HST 12 Erin Lally (Hooking)
   14:58 PAC 21 Calaine Inglis (Bodychecking)
   18:15 PAC 6 Jessica Hootz (Holding)

Second Period
   00:18 HST 14 Emily Harrison (11 Sadie Lenstra)
   05:46 PAC 17 Kristie Martin (15 Arden Cowley) PP

   05:12 HST 11 Sadie Lenstra (Bodychecking)
   13:16 PAC 16 Riana Magee (Roughing)
   14:59 PAC 11 Jenna Klynstra (Hooking)

Third Period
   05:22 PAC 7 Brittany Esposito (21 Calaine Inglis, 11 Jenna Klynstra)

   06:32 PAC 31 Morgan Glover (Roughing)
   07:36 HST 11 Sadie Lenstra (Hooking)
   12:00 HST 11 Sadie Lenstra (Bodychecking)

Calgary Flyers
20 Bailey Toupin On 1/00:00   Off 3/20:00
Edmonton Thunder
1 Meghan Witt On 1/00:00   Off 1/20:00
31 Morgan Glover On 2/00:00   Off 3/20:00

Shots on Goal   1     2     3   Total
Calgary Flyers 10 9 3 22
Edmonton Thunder 5 4 7 16

Player of Game
Calgary Flyers Joe Sakic
Edmonton Thunder 18 Kiarra Ireland
Referee Shauna Wing
Lines People Dana Argue, Lacey Senuk
Goal Judge Murray Briceland, Chuck Doughty