Floorball Program

Floorball Program

Floorball: An
Introduction To Hockey

Hockey Canada has worked with Floorball Canada and FloorballPro to develop Floorball: An Introduction to Hockey as a safe, fun and inclusive program to expose students to ice hockey using a gym-based program. » more

What Is

Floorball is a fast-paced form of floor hockey developed in the 1970s in Europe. The game is played on a gym floor with specialized lightweight sticks and rules that make the game safer than traditional floor hockey. » more


Looking For A
Floorball Workshop?

Hockey Canada teamed with Floorball Canada to create a workshop program to support the use of floorball as an introduction to hockey, with instructors visiting schools to introduce the sport to teachers and students. » more


For more information, please contact: schoolprograms@hockeycanada.ca