Speak Out Downloads
 Bullying, Harassment and Abuse Policies
 Child Protection Info
 Cyberbullying (NEW)
 Hockey Canada Screening Policy (NEW)
Hockey Canada Screening Toolbox
 Speak Out! Bench Poster (for ages 10-13)
 Speak Out! Brochure (for ages 14-20)
 Speak Out! Bullying Poster
 Speak Out! Parent’s guide
 Speak Out!
Hazing Regulation
Player Billeting
Insurance Program Downloads
Hockey Canada Insurance Brochure
Safety Requires Teamwork Booklet
Hockey Canada Injury Report Forms
The Accidental Medical Treatment Benefit Will Not Cover
How do I make a claim?
When are you covered?
We are travelling to the U.S.
Common Questions and Answers
Parents Downloads
Fair Play
Hockey 101: An introduction to Canada’s game
Relax, it’s just a game - 2002/2003 Campaign
Relax, it’s just a game - 2003/2004 Campaign
Toolbox presentation template
Saftey Program Downloads
 Concussion Awareness
 EAP – AED Awareness
Safety Resources:
 Stretching Information Guide
 Learn about “The Warning Signs” for Sudden Cardiac Death Syndromes
 Canada’s Food Guide
 Equipment Poster
Mouth guard Information from Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
Additional information from Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
Safety Forms:
 Player Medical Information Sheet
 Player Injury Log
 Emergency Action Plan
Player Down - Important Steps
Action & Information Bulletins:
Helmet Certification Stickers
Goaltender Equipment Change
 Sticker Bulleting
 Facial Protectors
Water Bottles
 Ear Protection
Important Information – Recall Process by Reebok-CCM Hockey for Reebok-TCPRE model Goaltender Neck Protectors
Updated information on recall process by Reebok-CCM Hockey TCPRE model Goaltender Neck/Throat Protectors