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Hockey Canada president and CEO Tom Renney has been in and out of hockey rinks his entire life, and still remembers the impact his minor coaches had on not only his career in the game, but his life as well. Every month Tom will be sharing his thoughts on topics ranging from the women’s game to coaching, all at a grassroots level.

The calendar says 2017, winter is officially upon us in Canada, and the president and CEO wants Canadians across the country to get back to basics on the outdoor rink.
World Juniors legacy with Tom’s Talks
The president and CEO discusses his favourite holiday tradition, the World Juniors, and the legacy left behind in Canada.
Coaching 101 with Tom’s Talks
The president and CEO discusses all things grassroots coaches, what they can expect, and why having fun can go a long way.
A new season with Tom’s Talks
As the puck drops on the 2016-17 season, what can parents and players expect? The president and CEO shares a few tips.
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