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No sport can help shape a young Canadian into a community leader like hockey can. The national pastime teaches so many life-skills, from team work to responsibility, leadership and hard work, just to name a few.

Hockey Canada wants to highlight 'Great Canadians' – notable people who used their minor hockey experiences to help do great things in their lives away from the rink. Great Canadians are able to connect their hockey experience, perhaps just at a minor level, to their future success. Success in their field, their community and their life.

Stay tuned to see how hockey shaped them, and it what it takes to be successful.

The Governor General talks about his love for the game, his career at Harvard and how Cooney Weiland, his coach with the Crimson, helped inspire him on and off the ice.
Great Canadians: Cassie Campbell-Pascall
The two-time Olympic gold medallist shares the life lessons hockey taught her, and why it is important for kids to play.
Great Canadians: Murray Costello
The long-time president of Hockey Canada has dedicated his life to a sport that he says gave him every opportunity. 
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