After four days of discussions about where the game of hockey is and where it is going, the World Hockey Summit wrapped up Thursday night in Toronto.
The two North American countries have done everything perfectly in women’s hockey, but the rest of the world must catch up to make the game more compelling.
Growing the game is important, but the NHL and its players want more of a say in their participation in the Olympics than they currently have » more
Daly says Olympics, Worlds, and World Cup untenable, but solutions remain elusive for now. » more
If the NHL is the ideal end, then Canadian and American junior systems have been doing a superb job of providing players to the world's premier pro league. » more
From Dr. Mark Aubry to Brendan Shanahan, the consensus seems to be that kids don't need to learn about body-checking until their early teens.
The KHL has had a bumpy five years but now has a junior league and a farm-team system, steps Slava Fetisov sees as signs of better times ahead for the KHL and hopefully with a peaceful NHL relationship next on the agenda.
Although he grew up on big ice, Ottawa Senators captain and Tre Kronor star preferred the small ice of Vancouver to the European sheet of Turin four years earlier.
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