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2013/2014 Ed Chynoweth Internships

1. Chadi Azzi, Hockey Canada – Ottawa

School: University of Ottawa 

Program: Juris Doctor (JD)

Internship role: Legal Intern

Bio:  I am currently in the final year of my Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa. Prior to law, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with Honours in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Having volunteered and worked in minor hockey for many years, I am very passionate about the great game of hockey.  

Skills you learned:  My time with Hockey Canada has allowed to me better myself both professionally and personally. Being exposed to various business and legal questions on a daily basis has provided me with a great introduction to the business side of amateur and professional hockey in Canada. Having the opportunity to analyze different insurance policies, insurance claims and legal questions, I am continuously learning how to better my abilities as an aspiring lawyer. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to devise organizational systems in order to effectively manage tasks and objectives as well as to efficiently document file progress.
Working under the supervision of Glen McCurdie and Sean Kelly, I have come to better value the importance of teamwork and maintaining a professional and friendly relationship with colleagues, as it favors a productive and efficient workplace environment. Having the opportunity to assist my superiors in their day-to-day responsibilities, I have learned the importance of time management and organization in order to maximize workday productivity.
During my time, I have also had the opportunity to learn about the different programs currently in place that aim to further grow the game of hockey in Canada. Last but not least, working for a non-profit organization has enabled me to better appreciate sponsoring partners and the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with each partner.

How will this internship help your career? This internship is a great introduction to the business and legal aspects of amateur and professional hockey in Canada. I am currently seeking the opportunity to gain experience and develop my career in amateur and professional sports, and my experience with Hockey Canada is a step in the right direction to achieving my future goals and aspirations.

2. Mason Stewart, Western Hockey League – Calgary

School: Mount Royal University

Program: Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Major in Sports and Recreation

Internship role: Program Coordinator, Officiating

Bio:  My name is Mason Stewart. I am 23 years old, born and raised in Calgary. In 2011 I graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Bachelor diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Management. Upon graduating in 2011, I transferred to Mount Royal University to my current post-secondary program. I am currently in my 4th Year at Mount Royal University, scheduled to graduate in April 2014. I am also a minor hockey Official for the Central Zone Referee Committee, currently in my 11th season.    

Skills you learned:  Through working with Kevin Muench, the Director of Officiating for the Western Hockey League I have greatly increased my knowledge of officiating. He has me taught me many officiating specific skills such as the attitude and commitment level required to officiate at an elite level, importance of rule knowledge, the judgment required to make split second decisions on the ice and how to perfectly communicate with coaches and players. Many of these skills I have developed while working within the Western Hockey League’s officiating department have translated into a successful officiating season for me to this point.
Some of the office skills I learned through this internship from a business level include; professional communication and interpersonal skills, organization and planning for special events, research skills and attention to detail. I have also greatly enhanced my knowledge of computers during this time, working with video on a daily basis and building a library of clips for the officiating department. I have also had the opportunity through working with the WHL to increase my efficiency with many different aspects of Microsoft Office including Outlook, Power Point, Word and Excel.  

How will this internship help your career?  This internship will help me in my career by providing me with great work experience and providing me with enhanced knowledge of the hockey industry. Through my work with the Western Hockey League I have been lucky to have a behind the scenes look into the work required to carry out and perform successful world class events such as the MasterCard Memorial Cup, Subway Super Series and CHL Top Prospects game. This internship has also given me more direction moving forward as I now have a good understanding of the different jobs available within the hockey industry.

3. Brendan Taylor, Hockey Canada – Toronto

School: Sir Wilfred Laurier University

Program: Arts

Internship Role: Coordinator- Development

Bio: I am 24 years old. I was born April 1st 1989 in Oakville, ON. I played in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) for the Peterborough Petes and Belleville Bulls before attending Wilfred Laurier University.

Skills you learned:    I’ve learned how to plan, set up and execute events and camps for both coaches and young players. Developing, managing and maintaining a budget are skills I’ve just recently acquired. I’ve been given the responsibility of managing my time properly ensuring I have enough time to complete my in-office work while staying on top of important emails and the physical execution of camps. I continue to perform general administration duties such as editing, proofing and handling of program inquiries. I’ve also made myself available to assist in other departments in the delivery of special projects and initiatives. For my first office job, I have been able to see how offices work, the chain of command and general office etiquette.
How will this internship help your career?  I’ve played hockey since the age of 4 and this internship is allowing me to learn the ropes of how businesses work while having the opportunity to stay involved in something I’m passionate about. Secondly, with Hockey Canada’s worldwide recognition and sterling reputation, it will be a huge benefit for me to able to list that I was an Intern at Hockey Canada on future resumes. Already, I’ve been able to work in cooperation with Hockey Canada’s partners including Bauer and the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF). Everyone dreams of being able to wake up and go to work in a field that they love but I get to do it everyday. Hopefully, the love and passion I have for hockey is evident in all aspects of the work I do and this internship can help me land a full time position here at Hockey Canada.

4. Bryce Swan, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League – Montreal

School: University of New Brunswick 

Program: MBA Sports Management

Internship role: Coordinator of Hockey Operations

Bio: I am a former 2nd round NHL draft pick of the Anaheim Ducks. I played 4 seasons with the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL. I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at St. Francis Xavier University) and am now completing my Masters in Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick). During my time at UNB I also played varsity hockey and won a CIS National Champion with the UNB Varsity Reds in 2013.

Skills you learned:  In this role I am learning about all aspects of sports management. By working with the QMJHL, I am able to see a completely different side of the game and realize how much work goes into making the league functional. From things such as logistics planning for games as events (subway super series) to monitoring game reports to enforce the use of neck guards and mouth guards. Finally working with the CCES to enable that all of our players are aware and knowledgeable about clean play in hockey

How will this internship help your career?  My goal is to work in sports management, preferable hockey. As previously stated, I never knew the many different aspects that go into making a league or a team so functional. By being able to work with knowledgeable professionals, I am able to learn from them their daily routines for league functionality. By working in different departments, I now have a better understanding of all the components needed.

5. Mathieu Sells, Hockey Canada - Calgary

School: University of Calgary

Program: Faculty of Law's Juris Doctor (JD) program

Internship role: High Performance – Video Coordinator

Bio:  I am a graduate from the University of Regina where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Economics.  In addition to my Hockey Canada Internship, I am a Lead Instructor for Hockey Canada’s Skill Development Program.  Prior to joining Hockey Canada, I was an Assistant Coach with the Penticton Vees (BCHL).  Starting September 2014, I am enrolled in the JD Program at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law.

Skills you learned:  This internship provided me with a great opportunity to further develop my ability to prioritize, multi-task, work individually (in a team dynamic), and perform under pressure.  Additionally, I learned some of the nuances of pre-scouting hockey at an international level and the attention to detail required in putting together a thorough scouting report.   

How will this internship help your career?  This internship provided me with an opportunity to interact with some of the most influential individuals in professional hockey.  The experience of working with the management group and coaching staff of the Olympic team was invaluable and not simply because of the connections I made.  As part of Hockey Canada, I have a better understanding of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice required to build championship teams. 

2012/13 Ed Chynoweth Internships
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