Frequently Asked Questions

Which teams will wear this Olympic and Paralympic jersey?
Canada’s national men’s, women’s and sledge teams will be wearing these jerseys in competition at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

When does the Olympic and Paralympic jersey go on sale?
Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic jerseys went on sale Oct. 8 at several outlets throughout Canada, including Hockey Canada’s online store at and Sport Chek.

Why do Canada’s hockey teams have to wear a different jersey for the Olympics?
Beginning with the 2010 Olympic Games, Canada’s hockey teams wear a different jersey at the Olympics, as per International Olympic Committee branding rules and regulations that all participating nations abide by. Hockey Canada was very proud of the 2010 hockey jersey, and is just as proud of the jerseys its three teams will wear in Sochi. The three jerseys represent pride in hockey and in our country. 

Who designed the jerseys?
As part of designing Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic hockey jerseys, Nike spent time combing the archives of the Hockey Hall of Fame and taking inspiration from the heart and history of hockey. What it found there was a beautiful, classic design that always celebrated country pride first. Nike also invested a lot of time working with Hockey Canada to understand the significance of Canada’s symbols and graphics. 

Does this mean that Canada will no longer wear the traditional Hockey Canada jersey, with the Hockey Canada brand?
Canada’s national teams will continue to wear the Hockey Canada brand proudly in all other competitions, including IIHF world championships, IPC world championships, and exhibition games against other national teams.

What is Hockey Canada/Nike/COC/CPC’s position on ethical sourcing?
Hockey Canada definitely is in favour of ethical sourcing, and will work with its partners and licensees to address issues if they arise. Hockey Canada works very hard with all of its partners to protect the Hockey Canada brand. It requires that all licensees comply with industry laws and regulations, and also addresses standards and reputational risk in all partnership agreements.

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